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Reports of Field Investigations and Laboratory Studies

CLICK HERE  for examples of Oil and Gas Reports from Montana and Wyoming.



Cultural Compliance Surveys (with report to agency)

Pipeline survey in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming.

Well Pad survey in central Wyoming.


Site Recording, Evaluation, Condition Assessment

Bear Gulch Rock Art Site, central Montana.

Rock Art Site and Rig, Wyoming.


GPS Site Mapping (all color output)

site map
Typical site map, Wyoming.

tipi sketch
Enlarged house ring detail, Wyoming.


Artifact Analysis

Although most inventory projects are conducted under a "no collection" policy, artifact collection is sometimes required. Excavations require artifact collection and analysis and subsequent permanent curation in an approved public facility. We occasionally provide separate analysis and reporting services.

CLICK HERE for examples of artifacts and kinds of sites.


Photography, Computer Enhancement


Original photo of central Montana pictograph.



Enhanced  photo.


Construction Monitor


Pipeline trench monitor, central Wyoming.



Prehistoric house excavation during well pad monitor, central Wyoming.



Prehistoric firepit, central Wyoming.



Class I File Search, Area Overviews, and Evaluations

For projects entirely within previously surveyed areas, a Class I files summary report is sometimes required to help expedite agency permits. This provides information on previous inventories, known cultural resource sites in the area, and recommendations for present and future work.


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