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Dr. Mavis Greer and Dr. John Greer
(2007 Photo, Western Desert, Egypt)

Casper, Wyoming

Commercial Surveys:
Mostly compliance studies for oil and gas, uranium, and coal.
North Dakota

Previous archeological work and travels:
North America (all areas)
Central America (mostly Mexico to Honduras)
South America (mostly Venezuela, Peru, Brazil)
Caribbean (mostly the northern Islands)
Europe (mostly western)
Asia (mostly China, Japan)

Africa (mostly Egypt, South Africa)
Australia (mostly east and central)
(vita summary)

Main research interests:
rock art (all areas)
rock art chronology (mostly New World)
archeological use of caves (all areas)
other aspects of archeology (mostly New World)
digital methods in rock art research
travel in pursuit of sites, ideas, friends, deep caves, and things to write about

Other specialization:
digital photographic enhancement
digital mapping (including GPS work)
computer graphics